Welcome to A place to B(z), a bottom-up, citizen-led initiative fighting for the creation of inclusive, open spaces for independent culture and us people in Bolzano.


We believe that everyone has the right to have a say in how their living environment works and feels. Together we are creating a shared narrative for our city, amplifying residents’ voices in the conversation and including varied perspectives. We prioritize equal access to the city, inclusivity and diversity.


Our goal is to provide the framework for great ideas to become reality, unlocking the potential of residents to make a difference in their city. By connecting and fostering collaboration between local associations, residents, and the municipality, we are building cross-sector coalitions and promoting civic engagement to reclaim abandoned and unused places together.


At A place to B(z), it’s all about the process, experimenting, learning, and growing together. We are a laboratory for the city and the region, making different futures experienceable. We aim to collect helpful knowledge that can be applied to inspire positive change in other areas. Join us on this journey to transform Bolzano into a more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable community.

We want to be a platform for associations and residents. Together we are stronger and can focus our efforts and resources best in order to create great projects for the community. This means sharing resources and knowledge to lift each other up. We welcome all groups and individuals who truly want to improve our city for the community.

We do not only want to talk, we are here to actively change the status quo. By showcasing alternatives and making them experienceable, we enable a more lively, open discussion about the design of our urban environment. This way we generate situated knowledge, which is vital for the success of a project.

We are a citizens’ initiative, which means we create work for the community by the community. We are open to anyone who wants to be part of improving our neighbourhoods. By allowing residents to actively participate in the development of their environment we ensure that found solutions are wanted and fit the needs of the community.