A place to B(z) a Citizens' Initiative for Placemaking

A place to B(z)

Citizens’ Initiative for Placemaking in Bolzano

Welcome to A place to B(z), a bottom-up, citizen-led initiative fighting for the creation of inclusive, open spaces for independent culture and us people in Bolzano.

We believe that everyone has the right to have a say in how their living environment works and feels. Together we are creating a shared narrative for our city, amplifying residents’ voices in the conversation. We prioritize equal access to the city, inclusivity and diversity.

Our goal is to provide the framework for great ideas to become reality, unlocking the potential of citizens to make a difference in their city. By connecting and fostering collaboration between local associations, citizens, and the municipality, we are building cross-sector coalitions and promoting civic engagement to reclaim abandoned and unused places together.

At A place to B(z), it’s all about the process, experimenting, learning, and growing together. We are a laboratory for the city and the region, making different futures experienceable. We aim to collect helpful knowledge that can be applied to inspire positive change in other areas. Join us on this journey to transform Bolzano into a more vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable community.

Citizens’ Initiative
for Placemaking in Bolzano

Our current goal is to organise further interim use for the area behind the train station and to create an organisation in which the citizens of the neighbourhood can join together. A place to B(z) could be the framework and curator in collaboration with the city as an enabler. This would allow the area to become a space for the development of local culture and a laboratory for the city. An area where people can connect and collaborate with each other. Therefore, fostering better collaboration between citizens, associations and the municipality and drastically increasing the quality of life in Bolzano.


We are always happy to hear from you! If you want to join our initiative, you need more information or you have a great idea and want to collaborate, please write to us. We are here for you in German, Italian and English. The easiest way to get in contact is via email or on Instagram:

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