A place to B(z) a Citizens' Initiative for Placemaking

A place to B(z)

Citizens’ Initiative for Placemaking in Bolzano

The City is Your Living Room!

The public spaces of the city are more than just physical locations – they can be vibrant hubs of community life, where people come together and feel like they belong. These spaces should be accessible to all and actively welcome everyone to participate in shaping life in our city together.

This City was not Designed for You!

Often city planning was not done with the variety of residents’ needs in focus. Many inner cities are grey wastelands, with very limited green spaces, which adds to the urban heat island effect or to the already existing noise and air pollution. A distinct community space is missing as the focus is placed on consumerism and tourism, causing big accessibility issues. Many Public Spaces feel unwelcoming, lacking amenities such as enough seating, free public toilets, water fountains, open WIFI, etc. or require us to spend money. They cause a feeling of disconnect and exclusion by being overregulated and preventing residents’ participation in shaping them. Frankly, often there is simply nothing interesting offered for residents to do there.

Community-Driven Culture can be the Heart of Our City.

We believe that public spaces are essential to our city’s social fabric, fostering a strong network of local initiatives and residents. We can design these spaces to encourage social interactions, foster connections among residents, and promote a sense of community. This way we can create spaces that we, as residents, feel comfortable and enjoy being in, lowering the barriers to participation. These vibrant and inclusive public space act as nurturing grounds for creativity and innovation for the local, independent culture – allowing great ideas to become reality. Public spaces can be the heart and soul of our community!

Let’s Reclaim Our Public Spaces!

You have a right to the city, to participate and shape its design. Our parks, piazze, sidewalks, and streets are meant to be shared spaces that belong to all of us to enjoy. We want to empower residents to become part of the change. It’s time to transform our public spaces into vibrant, lively, and community-driven places that foster connection, participation, and civic pride. Together, we can create public spaces that truly enrich our lives and contribute to the well-being of our communities and foster local, independent culture.


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