Although A place to B(z) began as a university project, we have since outgrown this framework and have become a Citizens’ Initiative. It is very important to us and the process that A place to B(z) is a social, bottom-up movement that is open to everyone and works primarily with people from Bolzano. We believe that every citizen has a right to actively participate in shaping the city and that without a broad contribution we can neither achieve meaningful goals nor create a place worth living in. Therefore we want people to have a say in how their living environment works and feels. It is our goal to give strong ideas a chance to become reality. We want to demonstrate what is possible through temporary actions and show how a long-term use could work and thus use the full potential of a space Together we have made it our goal to fight for the reopening of abandoned and unused places in Bolzano.


As a working group we are meeting twice a month, once online and once in person. If you want to join us, just write us an email.
To further connect associations, citizens and places we are also using our meetings to introduce different places to our members. So far we have met at the offices and rooms of lab:bz, Forum Prävenzion and DRIN. If you know a space, which we should discover and where we can meet next, please write us an email.

A place to B(z) working group on first meeting


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