17 Dec 2022


Christmas Walk

Accompanied by live music of TurboTrööT we walked from Obstmarkt to the area. There we cooked soup together and drank Glühwein.

01 Oct 2022

picture of an event in the area Citizens' Iniative for Placemaking in Bolzano

The Art of
Public Space

As part of the Bolzano Art Week we organized a street festival in the area.

11 Jun 2022

area filled with people, sun umbrellas and bicycles

Bike Tour

We had breakfast on the site after we dicsovered it on our bikes.

10 Jun 2022

discussion rounds on the area

Neighbourhood Picknick

For the first time we toured the site with people from the public.

12 Apr 2022

Áron Lőrincz collecting trash during the clean up

Plant the Seed

Toghether with students from unibz we did a clean-up event in the area.